Besides the standard PE and PVDF paint, Maxbond is also available with some special patterns.

  • Perforated Panel
    We can have the panel perforated according to customer’s drawing. Square, round, and other shape of holes are available.
    perforated1 perforated2
  • CNC Processing Panel
    We can help customers have the panel shaped by CNC machine. Just give us CAD drawing and we can process the panel as per the design.
    cnc1 cnc2
  • Wooden and Marble finish
    Maxbond is available with Marble and Wooden grain coating. It is a very advanced and special coating process. Both PVDF and PE are available. Please check our color chart for details.
    Marble1 Marble2
  • Mirror Finish Panel
    High Gloss mirror finish is made by anodic oxidation of the aluminium. It makes the aluminium surface as bright as mirror. Maxbond Mirror finish is available with 0.30mm and 0.40mm skin thickness.
    Mirror1 Mirror2
  • Brushed Finish Panel
    Brushed panel is made by special process on the original aluminium base. The technique of which does not only exhibit the unique surface effect of the natural essential color of aluminium, but also equips the product with a combined appearance of the modern and the classical.
    Brushed1 Brushed2